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Sermon Series

The First Sermons

A Study in the Book of Acts

In this series we explore the first sermons preached by the first Christians as recorded in the book of Acts. Our goal is to hear the story of Jesus, as told in the first sermons, so that we are motivated to move closer to Jesus in ordinary life. 

A Different Story

Christmas 2020

Everyday we're bombarded with stories on social media, TV, and websites. In particular, 2020 has been full of stories about despair, conflict, death, and sickness. But Christmas is a time when Christians remember a different story—a story of hope, joy, and salvation that affects how we live everyday life.


A Study through Philippians

Paul wanted the cross pressed so deeply into his heart and mind that he would know Jesus above everything else. He told the Philippians to do the same: live a cross-formed life in order to know and reflect Jesus. We're now called to do the same.


Biblical Pictures in Generosity

The Bible is full of examples or "portraits" of generosity. We take some time to explore just a few of these to learn how to become the kind of people who naturally give abundantly.

The Gospel of Mark

A Verse-by-Verse Study

The Gospel of Mark is a fast moving account of the life of Jesus. We believe that if we move with Jesus through his story we will look, sound, and act more like him. We want to become the kind of people that reflect his love and justice in the world.

Walking with Wisdom

Practical Application in Difficult Times

This series emerged during the initial months of COVID-19, when we were closed for 10 weeks. It  digs into book of Proverbs to help us, as students of Jesus, to walk with wisdom, even in the toughest situations.

Lessons in Giving

A Study of 2 Corinthians 8-9

We believe walking in the way of Jesus changes our relationship to money. We take three weeks to explore giving and how to grow in this grace.

Our Vision

Who We Are as a Church

We have a vision to become the kind of people who naturally do the things that Jesus taught us to do. This series uses Psalm 1 as a framework for a casting a vision for our church that will last for decades. We want to be a Psalm 1 church.

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