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Here are some resources and tools that can help you grow in faith and knowledge of God's Word.

Phone Apps

(These links will take you to each apps's website, which provide instructions for how to download them on an Android or iPhone.)

YouVersion Bible

(This app includes the Bible in multiple translations, Bible reading plans, daily videos, and a daily devotional for kids. We use this app for our E10 Bible Reading Plan.)

The Bible Project

(BibleProject is a nonprofit, crowdfunded organization that produces 100% free Bible videospodcastsarticlesclasses, and educational Bible resources to help make the biblical story accessible to everyone everywhere.)


(Lectio 365 is a free daily devotional app that helps you pray the Bible every day.)

Pray as you Go

(A daily guided prayer)


(24-hour internet radio committed to the historic Christian faith: preaching, teaching, scripture, music, & audiobooks)

Theology Podcasts

Gospel in Life (Tim Keller) | website

(Dr. Keller was a pastor in New York for decades and his sermons are both intellectually deep and down to earth. This is one of the best sermon podcasts out there.)

(Link: Apple Podcasts)

(Link: Google Podcasts)


Things Unseen with Sinclair Ferguson | website

(As a Scottish pastor and theologian, Dr. Ferguson's podcast cover a variety of theological topics. Episodes are about 5 minutes long. They are deep and relatable to everyday life.)

(Link: Apple Podcasts)

(Link: Google Podcasts)

The Bible Project Podcast | website

(This podcast features detailed conversations between Tim and Jon and occasional guests, inviting you to explore the biblical theology behind their animated videos.)

(Link: Apple Podcasts)

(Link: Google Podcasts)

Ask Pastor John | website

(Dr. Piper answers questions from listeners about the Bible, theology, culture, and society. There is something for everyone here.)

(Link: Apple Podcasts)

(Link: Google Podcasts)

Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul | website

(This is a daily radio program. Dr. Sproul was one of the best Bible teachers of the last 40 years. His teaching was known for being understandable, relatable, and theologically deep.)

(Link: Apple Podcasts)

(Link: Google Podcasts)

Truth for Life (with Alister Begg | website

(This is a daily radio program that broadcasts Dr. Begg's weekly sermons. He is theologically deep, funny, and down to earth.)

(Link: Apple Podcasts)

(Link: Google Podcasts)


(These websites provide daily resources from articles to videos to audio clips.)

Gospel in Life

The Gospel Coalition

The Bible Project

Desiring God

Christianity Today

Ligonier Ministries

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