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Music Sheets


The next step from our sermon on Psalm 33 (on Oct. 22, 2023) was to listen to at least one solid Christian song each day. The songs listed here are recommended by people connected to E10. May they bless us as we grow in faith together.

Jonny Diaz  

Recommended by Nikki Snead.

"To God be the glory" 

Recommended by Sandy Roberson.

"His Eye is on the Sparrow"

Recommended by Kathleen Robinson


Recommended by Wes Spragins.

"The Unseen Hand"
Marty Stuart

Recommended by Steven Ellis.

"My Everything"
Owl City  

Recommended by Edelynn Treadway.

"Father Jesus Spirit"
Fred Hammond

Recommended by Carmen Lyles.

"Amazing Grace"

Recommended by John Phillips.

"Never Would've Made It"
Marvin Sapp 

Recommended by Carolyn Person."This song helped me get thru so many trials and demons in my life that I was battling."

"Victory in Jesus"

Recommended by George Lewis.

"Psalm 23"
Shane & Shane 

Recommended by Pat Whalen. "This psalm was read at my daughter's funeral...this song provides me comfort."

"Through All of It"
Colton Dixon

Recommended by Trudy Duke. "God’s love and faithfulness are unfailing."

"It is well with my soul"

Recommended by Mary Smalfelt & Peggy Dale.

"Revelation Song"
Guy Penrod

Recommended by Teresa Hux.

"My Jesus"
Anne Wilson

Recommended by Crystal Key. "My go to song when I need a reminder that Jesus is in control!"

"Less Like Me"
Zach williams

Recommended by Beverly Hedgepeth.

"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" 

Recommended by Shelia Wheeler."God sent this song to my thoughts while a family member was in a coma!"

"Even If"

Recommended by Brooke Joines."This song helped me through the hardest day (and then year) of my life. I felt like I had failed God, by breaking a promise to him. 'God when you choose to leave mountains unmovable. Give me the strength to be able to sing ‘it is well with my soul'"

"Heaven Help Me"
Zach Williams

Recommended by Lisa Hammack (James).

"He Lives! (I Serve A Risen Saviour)"

Recommended by Frances Merritt and Steven Berry. "I wake up sometimes and it I hear this song in my mind."

"The Ball Game" Sister Wynona Carr

Recommended by Ollie Overton.

"I'll fly away"  

Recommended by Betty Spragins. "This song is special because it was sang at Larry's brother's wife's graveside service."

"Honey in the Rock"
Brooke Ligertwood

Recommended by Laura Ellis.


Recommended by Marilyn Deaton. "This is a song that I really like. If I'm feeling a little down I like to listen to it."

"Amazing Grace"

Recommended by David Hammack.

"Who am I"
Casting Crowns

Recommended by Sonya Hollowell.

"When Mercy Found Me"
Rhett Walker Band

Recommended by Lisa Hammack (David).

"She Loved"
Sheri Easter

Recommended by Ginny Lewis. "I have requested that it is sung at my funeral as a reminder of how much I loved my Lord, my family both blood and my church family who have been my rock in good times and bad."

"Me Without You"

Recommended by Emery Doughtie.

"I Saw The Light"(Medley)
Crystal Gayle

Recommended by Jack & Donna Gates.

"Revelation Song"
Kari Jobe

Recommended by Troy & Donna Cribb. "This is my and Donna’s go to. We lost both her parents and my Dad in the same year. This brings emotion and good memories to us. This also is just uplifting to us as well."

"Sweet Beulah Land"
The Petersens

Recommended by Hazel Horvath. "This was always my parent’s favorite hymn. It was played at both their funerals …my Mama’s in 2006 and my Daddy’s in 2020. Until I see them again…"

"The Old Rugged Cross"
Redeemed Quartet

Recommended by Sam Beale. "Played at my grandfather’s funeral (Curtis Shearin). He died in the early 70’s so this version is in the style he listen to."

"Truth Be Told"
Matthew West  

Recommended by Dee Naymon."This song is about me because i'm not a professional christian. I make mistakes and God still loves me."

"I can only imagine"

Recommended by Bill Duke & Larry Beale.

"Getting Started"
Jeremy Camp  

Recommended by Meggon Hammack. "I think this song is a great reminder that no matter what life we’ve lived or the darkness that we’re in, Jesus is there and he loves us. Our past does not define us and life can begin again. We just have to turn to him. I’ve shared this song with many of my drug dependent patients who think they are stuck and have no other way of life."

"When we all get to heaven" 

Recommended by Pat Smith.

"In the garden"

Recommended by Debbie Beale. "This is one of my was very special to my mama & she was very special to me."

"One Pair of Hands"

Recommended by Larry Spragins.

“The Greatest Hero”

Recommended by Brandy Hux. "This is my favorite Memorial Day and July 4 song. Jesus is most definitely the greatest hero!"

"10,000 Reasons"

Recommended by Kara Clary. "No matter what I’ve gone through and no matter what comes my way, God has been and always will be with me."

"Sometimes He Calms the Storm"
Scott Krippayne  

Recommended by Cathy Keeter. "My go to…. Got me through some tough times."

"Ave Maria"
Charlotte Church

Recommended by Rhett Phillips. "Her voice sounds like an angel.This beautiful song reminds me of what I think the angels might be singing when Jesus returns."

"One Day At A Time"
Marilyn Sellars 

Recommended by Toni Outland. "This is the original version and it's the only thing that gets me through hard times in my life."

"Take it All"
Third Day

Recommended by Ed Liverman.

"Amazing grace"
special version 

Recommended by Robin Proctor.

"Gonna Be Alright" 
Ryan Ellis

Recommended by Laura Spatorico.

"Here I am Lord"

Recommended by David & Carol Dean. "This is very special to David & me. We sang it at my mother's funeral (one of her favorite hymns) and his father's funeral."

"In My Life / If We Never Meet Again"

Recommended by Tia Beale. "After my mother died in a car accident, I eventually looked in her three disc cd player and Selah was one of the cds. We played this song at her funeral and it has remained in my song library on my phone."

"Goodness Of God"
We The Kingdom

Recommended by Becky Spragins.

"Awesome Magnificent"
Collingsworth Family

Recommended by Carol Seta. "This song just plays without me selecting it when I need to be reminded who is in control of my life!"

"Truth Be Told"
Matthew West  

Recommended by Dee Naymon."This song is about me because i'm not a professional christian. I make mistakes and God still loves me."

Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Recommended by Jason & Tess Yeatts. These lyrics...Wow! —

And oh my soul

Remember who you’re talking to

The only one who death bows to

That’s the God who walks with you.

"Lead Me Home"
Jamey Johnson

Recommended by Mike Lyles.

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