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We have a group of volunteer tutors who want to help students during these difficult times. We are rolling out this opportunity first to students at E10 to pilot the program. Our hope is to expand it to the rest of our community soon. Availability is determined by the tutors we have.

Here are some general guidelines we will follow:

  • Tutoring will be one-on-one and will happen in the fellowship hall.

  • Elementary students will receive 30 minutes of tutoring. Middle and high school 45 minutes.

  • Students brought by a parent or guardian will need to sign-in their student.

  • Parents and guardians will not be allowed to stay in the fellowship hall during tutoring.

  • Masks will be required by both tutors and students.

  • Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.

  • Students should bring their computers charged.

Our current tutors can offer help in the following areas:​

  • Elementary core subjects and skills

  • Special Needs (all school ages)

  • Math except pre-calculus (Middle and High School)

  • Science except chemistry & physics (Middle and High)

  • English and Language Arts (Middle and High)

  • History/Social Studies (Middle and High)

We have not determined the exact times or day, but we're looking at three time slots.

  • 3-4pm

  • 6-7pm

  • 7-8pm

NOW we need your help to figure out what needs exist and what students would come to tutoring. If you would like your student to participate in this opportunity, please fill out our Tutoring Questionnaire (link below) to help us identity needs and availability.

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