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 In this series we explore the first sermons preached by the first Christians as recorded in the book of Acts. Our goal is to hear the story of Jesus, as told in the first sermons, so that we are motivated to move closer to Jesus in ordinary life. Here are the passages we will explore:

5 Sermons
Acts 2:14–39 (Peter’s at Pentecost)
Acts 3:12–26  (Peter’s in Solomon’s Colonnade)
Acts 10:34–43 (Peter to Cornelius)
Acts 13:16–41 (Paul in Pisidian Antioch)
Acts 17:22–31 (Paul in Athens)

3 Sermon Summaries
Acts 4:8–12 (Peter in front of Jerusalem leaders)
Acts 14:15–17 (Paul in Lystra)

Acts 17:3 (Paul in Thessalonica)

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