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Neon Spheres

Youth Minister Position

We are actively pursuing a full-time youth minister. Below is the full job description. To inquiry about details or to submit your resume, please email us at

Hours: 40 hours per week

Total Compensation Package: $49,500

Weekday Office Hours: Flexible as long as all responsibilities fulfilled


Education: Bachelor’s degree with formal Bible training preferable

Ordination status: Ordained preferable

Experience: At least one year preferable

Primary Skills: communication, collaboration, organization, digital fluency

Personal Characteristics: solution-oriented, teachable, self-motivated, flexible, positive


Primary Ministry Focus: Children (Birth-5th grade); Youth (6th-12th)

Direct Report: Jason Yeatts, Pastor

Works closely with: Church Board Members, Staff Members, Ministry Leaders, and Volunteers 


General Responsibilities

  • Use collaborative software (example: Google Sheets & Planning Center People) that promotes streamlined processes and communication among church staff and leaders

  • Maintain a calendar of all children and youth events, classes, curriculum, and volunteers

  • Keep contact information for children and youth and their families up-to-date

  • Manage the Children and Youth Budget, giving priority to resources that foster Bible learning, relationship building, and outreach

  • Oversee the cleanliness, organization, and functionality of all children and youth rooms

  • Be willing to preach at least three times a year during Sunday morning worship

  • Other duties as assigned


Regular Programming Responsibilities

  • Oversee Sunday morning children’s programming (birth-5th grade), which includes ensuring volunteer slots are filled and that the curriculum is Bible-based, age appropriate and purchased and distributed to teachers in a timely manner.

  • Coordinate weekly programming for children beyond Sunday morning that is Bible-saturated and engaging.

  • Lead weekly Youth Group meetings, teaching Bible-saturated lessons and fostering community among the youth.


Beyond Regular Programming Responsibilities

  • Be involved regularly in the community (example: Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the local middle school)

  • Make personal contact beyond regular programming with every family that has children and youth attending E10 at least once a month (things like text messages, phone calls, cards, etc.)

  • Make contact with children and youth on special occasions (example: birthday cards)

  • Take the Youth Group, at least once a year, to one weekend conference/retreat

  • Take 2nd-5th graders, at least once a year, to one weekend conference/retreat

  • Lead and coordinate VBS each summer

  • Schedule and coordinate events and special programs that engage inactive church families and provide on-ramps for non-church children and youth (examples: Easter Egg Hunt, Youth Sunday, etc.)

  • Provide parents extra resources to help them disciple their children and youth (things like take-home handouts, digital worksheets, books, podcasts, etc.)


Children and Youth Volunteers

  • Run background checks on every volunteer at least once every three years

  • Communicate weekly with volunteers providing reminders, updates, and specific information about future programming and events

  • Check-in regularly with every volunteer to gauge ministry effectiveness, receive feedback, and express gratitude

  • Actively recruit volunteers for classes and events, using primarily personal invitations but also signup sheets and digital forms

  • Host an all-volunteer meeting at least twice a year


Time-off Benefits Package: Discussed during the search process.

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